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Common Questions from Patients

How many visits will it take to resolve my pain?

Well, it all depends on a variety of factors and whether it’s from wear and tear of life or from an injury. Most if it’s from daily life then it will be anywhere from 3-7 visits. Now if it is from an injury it can take anywhere from a few weeks up until a year (8-56 visits), but most are under 20 visits. Once you are pain free all you need is 1-4 appointments per year for maintenance.

What insurance providers do you accept ?

We accept all major insurance providers including but not limited to Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and Aetna. 

What's the out of pocket cost ?

In case you don’t have insurance we strive to make the out of pocket cost as affordable as possible. The cost per visit ranges from $65-$75. Which means most people’s total cost of coverage will be $260-$300. 

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